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The Economic Issues Raised by Possible Scottish Independence

July 18, 2011


On 5th May 2011, the first time since devolution in July 1999, the Scottish National Party won a majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.  One of the key manifesto promises of the party is to hold a referendum on Scottish independence before 2016.  While political commentators have begun discussing the potential political […]

My Financial & Economic Pet Hates

July 10, 2011


In no particular order, here goes: Stock/flow errors.  This is usually the mistake of journalists and politicians rather than professional investors, though is still far and away my biggest pet hate due to the basic nature of the error.  For those readers not familiar with the concept, a stock is a measure taken at a […]

Chinese Property Developer Shui On Land Faces A Liquidity Squeeze

June 14, 2011


As you may have seen from my Twitter feed yesterday, I learned that I didn’t get (yet another) job that I recently interviewed for.  However, the upside of this is I can now share the presentation that I made at the second round of the interview process.  I was asked to perform a credit analysis […]

Reader Question: Should I Invest In Gold and Silver?

June 10, 2011


After the sale of a property I now have some money to invest. I’m sceptical of advice given to me because I’m not that knowledgable & don’t want to lose it. I’m looking for something safe to beat inflation. Would gold/silver be a good way to invest? Thanks. Firstly, you should note that I’m not […]

The Power of Brands

June 8, 2011


Yesterday, after what felt like a couple of hours of trying to scratch my eyeballs out of their sockets, I decided it would be sensible to make my annual purchase of anti-hayfever tablets.  Arriving at the local supermarket, I found a number of branded and unbranded products on sale.  The two leading branded products in […]

Misunderstanding Enterprise Value: The Economist & Financial Times Edition

June 6, 2011


From the Lex column (“Renault: carmaker is running on empty“) in the Financial Times on 31st May 2011: Subtract the market value of Renault’s stakes in Nissan, Avtovaz of Russia, Daimler and Volvo, and the stub value of the French carmaker is negative: minus €15 a share. From the Economist (“Renault’s woes“) on 4th June […]

Time is Money: A Personal Lesson

April 26, 2011


US founding father Benjamin Franklin wrote that “time is money”, adding that “He that can earn ten shilhngs a day by his labour, and goes abroad or sits idle one half of that day, though he spends but sixpence during his diversion or idleness, ought not to reckon that the only ex-pense ; he has […]

Thoughts on the Glencore IPO

April 18, 2011


“Glencore is a leading integrated producer and marketer of commodities. The Company is active in every step of the supply chain in metals and minerals, energy and agricultural products. Glencore produces, sources, processes, refines, transports, stores, finances and supplies commodities used by the world’s industries.”  In the year-ending December 2010 the company earned net income of $3.8bn on […]

Property Pain In Spain

April 6, 2011


While spending the past weekend in the Costa del Sol holiday resort of Puerto Banús, I couldn’t help noticing many signs that the local economy still seems to be in the doldrums.  While there wasn’t any shortage of people drinking, eating and partying, many owners of big-ticket items appear to be struggling.  Puerto Banús is, […]

In Support the Bank of England on Monetary Policy

March 28, 2011


While reading the Office for Budget Responsibility‘s United Kingdom Economic and Fiscal Outlook – March 2011 over the weekend (yes, I had that much fun), I noticed the chart below: It shows the difference between the current rate of UK inflation (CPI) and an estimate of inflation had sales taxes (VAT and excise duty on […]