About Me

Cautious Bull is a 27yr-old investment professional who has six years of experience working in the UK & European debt and equity markets.  Cautious Bull is a value-driven investor who subscribes to the school of thought first described by Benjamin Graham, though recognises that companies which benefit from a strong competitive position and structural industry growth can sometimes deserve a small valuation premium.

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  1. Mark Carter


    What would you say are the biggest differences between professional and private investors?

    Be brutal if you like.

  2. @Mark Carter – hubris

  3. Subscribed and found your site to be of good insight. The difference between professional and private investor; the majority of private investors just do not have the time to devote to research or learning many different trading strategies.

    As a professional investor/broker/investment banker, 10 hrs a day with a tele on bloomberg and another on cnbc, four computer monitors in front of my desk which is covered in research reports and private placement memorandums,three phones and a 40 oz coffee .

    Then of course lets take into account that clients money is on the line as well as your own, and having to answer 50-100 emails every morning.

    Dealing with the mistakes of sales assistants and staff , marketing to bring in new clients , the list goes on….

    I have done this for 22 yrs every day .

    You are doing great Cautious Bull, Keep it up your track record looks great.


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